Tiba, everything you said here is true id only we...

Zarien Krab Spider - August 3 2008, 3:00 PM

Tiba, everything you said here is true id only we superficially look at them! a deeper look into our problems wil help us refrain from making generalization.

Not everyone in Haiti, can make it despite their education, not everyone can learn a trade and be good at it. Nevertheless, we should encourage trade learning, and promote self reliance.

I have to disagree with you again about the elite doing nothing at all. Remember, this elite is a business group of people whose motive is to make as much money as possible.

That is the attitude of "investors" everywhere on this planet! This is the capitalist mentality: profit, and more profit at the expenses of other.

That is a sad fact, but this is the reality.

In Haiti, the "haves" and "haves not" abuse children and treat them as slave! to the list of children abusers I add some immorals "diaspora" who also exploit these children to satify their sexual appetite! (the men should be castrated and the lesbians "declitorized").

The abuse of children, or the "restavek" problem is not only confined to tge elitist group we tend to blame for all our social ills. For example Aristide, our famous incompetent leader, was a "restavek"! he spent most of his life in Cap-Haitian, at Foundation Vincent, with "Les peres Salesiens" whoi treated him well and provided him with a good education.

He is one of many estaveks who were humamly treated...

Now back to the subject! I agree again with you that opportunities don't exist in Haiti for our youngs to develop their full potential.

They must work harder; most of the time, there is no hope at the horizon for them and no one to lend a hand! We understand their desperate situation...But what have they done for themselves to be ready to grab an opportunity when one comes their way?

We forget this wise advice from La Fontaine, the famous french writer: " Aide-toi, le ciel t'aidra"; he again stated further " Le laboureur et ses enfants": << Creusez, fouillez, bechez, car un tresor est cache dedans>>, The bible also states "tu travailleras et mangeras a la sueur de ton front".

Our sweet Creole in its suave eloquence let us know that: "chita pa bay, gason pas kampe"...Our wise creole also advises us against people who would ridicule us when we do something for a living or learn a trade " w'ap pale m'ap travay"! We heard in plain Creole not to "tann la manne du Ciel tombe"
Now let me ask you this, who owns the factories, the "magasins", banks, ware houses, schools, universities, faculties, colleges in Haiti?

What is the composition of the elite: lawyers, doctors, businessmen, land owners etc?

Who are their employees?

It has to be noted that a large number of theelite come from the lower class, this elite is no longer composed fair skinned professionals and businessmen, but also of people of dark complexion who join their rank and behave just like them or even worse! I hope it is not the elite who owns these businesses mentioned above! If so you are wrong to portray them as inactive members of our society, and thay did nothing for the country and its people?

Remember the flux of people whose businesses have been burned, ransacked and destroyed; they leave the country or close their businesses to seek refuge in the Bahamas, DR, US, Canada and France, taking with them their milions, leaving us with less or no jobs, and much more less opportunities for the lower class! insecurity prevent anyoe to go downthere and invest! If you have money and you are visible you are the target of kidnappers, some of these criminals are members of the police force.

Man this is a sick country!
Let me tell you this: 3 years ago, I sent a container to Haiti with tools to open a small "shop", I spent $100,000 on sophisticated wood working tools" to make furnitures, doors and windows.

Guess what?

by the time to get all the paperwork done, and to pay the huge fee imposed by the Government and to locate someone to "bribe", 95% of what was in the container was gone! I had to give it up and came back to the States! The same people we want to help refuse to give us a chance to do anything good that will benefit everyone.

But jealousy, and the desire to get rich quick push them to do evil to people with good intention! Your Government,(I know you have voted this tafiateur in office!!!), yeah, your irresponsible Government doesn't do nothing to keep, and attract investors in the country!Now guess who is the target: diaspora, or anybody with some money.

They are overtaxed! Just to send a computer to a student in Haiti...

See, it is not only the elite fault: our mentality is our worst enemy.

We can go back and forth on this topic, and we will find people agreeing with you or with me 100%! But the fact remains that we, the sons of Haiti Thomas, are the prime responsible elements of destruction of this wonderful country, we are the sole architect of our personal and collective future, and nobody else!

I also have to congratulate you for you good deeds in Haiti.

That shows you are not "only talking"!!!

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