The Corruption in Haiti

Neg Nord Est - August 3 2008, 10:56 PM

Yes indeed, the coruuption in the Haitian Gov't contributes to the misery in Haiti.

If President PREVAL is serious about ending the corruption in Haiti; He needs to begin by rejecting his support for the chimeres and the kidnappers.

The gov't should begin by investigating their employees from the maintenance person to the president of Haiti.

I will give him a tip, he should begin by investigating the following: At Fort- Liberte's DGI, The director is so corrupted, only a drunk president won't be able to catch the guy. Next time, I will mentioned names with evidence of corruptions.

The Ouanaminthe's Douane and immigration: Last month I was traveling across the border at Ouanaminthe, An immigration officer offered to allow me to cross the border w/o stamping my passport for a small fee("paye'm so vle").

Why is it only in Haiti that it costs $10,000.00(Ht) to get a license plate.

Talking about INSECURITY, of course the gov't encourages people to drive around w.o license plate so that their chimeres and kidnappers can function w/o getting caught.

I hope the HAITIAN PEOPLE make a better choice at the next election so that those idiots can be retired for good.

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