The Real Elite Class

Linda - August 5 2008, 7:24 AM

Hi Pierre (for Pierre's reply to my comment, see Electricite en Haiti), I think most of what you said is correct.

Your comments are actually an extension of my position.

I simply had not gone on to discuss the points you added to the discussion.

However, let me remind you some truth about our history.

Yes, the true elite class ran from Haiti, but many of them also died trying to save Haiti.

We should not forget that those who ran were running for their lives.

Most of them had families murdered, or were themselves threatened to be murdered because they would not do what the morally bankrupt past Haitians governments wanted.

Also, lets not forget that most of those who did not run for their lives were in bed with the corrupt and murderous Duvalier or Aristide regimes, and that that is why they did not have to run for safety.

In my humble opinion, most of those who left were the ones who were honest, and most of those who stayed were in bed with the corrupt killer regimes.

It is possible that in the larger scheme of things, Haiti is as corrupt as it is today--from top to bottom--because it is mostly morally bankrupt people that were able to stay and survive during the last forty years.

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Linda says...

Hi Pierre (for Pierre's reply to my comment, see Electricite en Haiti), I think most of what you said is correct. Your... more »

Jean-marie Leroy says...

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Linda says...

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Tiba says...

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Lavaud Desmoulins says...


Ti Rouge says...

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Linda says...

Ti Rouge; I don't often agree with you, but this time you are 0 correct. more »

Jean-marie Leroy says...

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