Danny Glover Film on Haiti

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I recently answered to comments made on another site about a movie being made by Danny Glover about Haiti.

I think this movie is a great idea and will put Haiti on the map. I met a lot of people around the world who have never heard of Haiti or where Haiti is. The following is the site:


I am what you would consider a white person.

I do not see color because I am a spiritual person.

I believe God created human beings with different shades of color and physical features.

God could have had some fun and made us all purple and I still believe we would have found a way to kill each other simply by looking for a small difference like a different accent.

I am ashamed of some of the so called white perfect people in this forum.

Really ignorant comments.

To say that blacks are not capable of govern themselves is not true. Studies shows all races have the same brain and intelligence.

Throughout history blacks in Africa managed successful kingdoms.

The original Egyptians who built the pyramids were blacks.

The Bible even talks about black kingdoms.

King Solomon fell in love with a black queen.

Blacks were great inventors.

The traffic light that you stop to everyday while driving was invented by a black man. Someone is this forum said that blacks did not defeat the French by themselves and were helped by the British and Spaniards.

That is simply not true. The Haitians actually fought the British and Spanish as well and won! The Haitians had to kill the whites to gain their freedom because they were being killed and abused through slavery by the whites.

There are records showing white slave masters pulling out slaves eyes, chopping off their hands and feet and cutting off their heads if they did not obey or tried to escape.

On the island of Haiti/Hispaniola, the whites nearly wiped out all of the native Indians (Tainos).

The reason that Haiti became poor is not solely because blacks post-independence mismanaged the island, it is because after Haiti went independent, the major powers (England/Spain/France/United States) agreed not to trade with Haiti.

They said that they will keep Haiti isolated and Haiti will guarantee Haiti's failure.

They feared future uprising from other places and wanted to show black cannot govern themselves.

France demanded Haiti to pay millions of dollars in gold so that it will not re-invade Haiti with a greater number of troops.

Americans went to Haiti to create tensions between groups for profits.

Namely, to sell their old weapons that were obsolete in the United States.

Hence, created civil unrests in Haiti for decades.

Furthermore, Mr. Glover is correct.

Hollywood's movies have white heros so that they can make money.

This is a movie based on historical facts.

Blacks got their freedom from whites by killing them. As a result the Haitian Revolution set the stage for other slaves in the Americas to gain their freedom.

Haiti even sent troops to Georgia to fight in the civil war. Haiti helped Simon Bolivar of Venezuela get their independence from Spain.

That is why Hugo Chavez is funding this film. A lot of people in Venezuela does not want their country to invest in this film but most of these people do not know their history and forgot that Haiti helped Venezuela gain their independence.

However, Hugo Chavez being an educated man knows that Haiti helped Venezuela and he his showing his gratitude by funding the movie.

The movie is a 30 million dollar project.

Venezuela is funding 18. It is normal that the movie is being shot there.

It would have been better if it was shot in Haiti but Venezuela put up so much money, it would be an honor that it is shot there.

The leads in the movie has no Haitian actors.

Danny Glover is also a business man. In order to atract an audience, big name actors are necessary.

I am sure there will secondary roles played by Haitians.

The Haitian government could not grant any money simply that Haiti is a bankrupt country.

It does not matter who are the actors or where it is being filmed.

The idea is that this story needs to be told. The Haitian Revolution truly was so important in freing slaves in the Americas and stopped "slave ships excursions" to Africa.

By the way the Dominican Republic benefited from the Haitian revolution because the the freed slaves/Haitian Army invaded the Dominican Republic and freed their slave brothers and sisters from the Spaniards.

I can't wait to see the movie.

I wish it complete success worldwide!!!

Greg Peters, August 6 2008, 4:46 PM

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