Greg, I appreciate the words of wisdom that you are trying so...

Tiba - August 6 2008, 5:55 PM


I appreciate the words of wisdom that you are trying so hard to give us, but if you know all that about black people how come you don't make it as your crusade to educate your white friends?

Furthermore, the movie that Danny Glover is making is not quite really about Haiti, It is about Toussaint Louverture.

This movie project has been in production or has been talked about since 2003. It is also said that most of the movie will be filmed in another country.

Greg, it would be good to inform your white friends and the American people that this freedom they are all enjoying today was made possible by these black Haitians that they cannot stand today.

We, Haitians, were the ones who freed the United States from British coloniolism in 1776 and made it independent from Great Britain.

The Haitians freed Venezuala from Span coloniolism, the Haitians helped Bolivia, Equador, etc...get their independence from Span as well.

We, Haitians, were the ones who brought civilization to this world when we abolished slavery in 1804.

Unfortunately, the white master's ego got bruised and they got jealous of Haitians for bring civilization to this world.


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