Tiba, please listen. Haiti is not an independent country, and...

Ti Rouge - August 6 2008, 7:15 PM

Tiba, please listen.

Haiti is not an independent country, and has never been.
Theodore Roosevelt as assistant secretary of the Navy wrote the Haitian constitution.

Why do you think Haiti is still in that slavery state?

Neither the executive nor the legislative branch has any decision making capabilities to matters that are important.

Why do you think Haiti has a 1 billion $ debt?

Whatever the international community ( IMF - World Bank - USAID) prescribes is carried out blindly.

The worse is in our history book, it is never mentioned that our constitution had been writen by T.R. (Theodore Roosevelt).

How low can we go.
When we declared independence from France, the french government threatened to invade Haiti unless we pay for the damages inflicted on France's properties in Haiti.

At that time, we had a last opportunity to really becoming independent, but we failed to resist by agreeing to pay France's.
How dumb can we get. I wish Haiti was independent, but it is not, for it was I'd been in Haiti right now.

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