Jean Marie, Haitian people are no worst or better than people...

Linda - August 10 2008, 1:58 PM

Jean Marie, Haitian people are no worst or better than people from any other parts of the world; all people are influenced by their environment.

We are not the first country on the face of the planet to suffer from a chronic case of greed and corruption, nor will we be the last. Other nation who got out of their desperate situations did so because leaders came along who actually cared about the nation as a whole.

All Haiti needs is good leaders who will set the example and the rules for proper ethical and moral behavior; the people will follow.

Most human beings will choose to do good when good is what's expected of them or choose to do bad when their environment enables them to do so. Leaders set the agenda for good or evil, and we Haitians have consistently failed to elect leaders who are qualified to lead in the right direction.

We tend to elect leaders because they are our friends or families and not because they are the best-qualified person for the job. Look at our new PM; what experience does she have to run a country?

Has she run a successful cabinet?

Can we see that she has made extensive changes that benefited the STRUCTURAL or INFRASTRUCTURAL level of any parts of the nation?

Let's say that she does not have the experience; can we say that instead she has the education: things like a TOP university degree from a TOP school, in the fields of politics, economics, or history.

She does not. So what are her credentials for becoming the leader of a nation?

That she has a good hear?

Is that enough?

That she's an old ally of the president or his party?

How is that enough?

And why do we Haitians settle for mediocrity.

I have nothing against the new PM. She might end-up being the best PM Haiti has ever had, because although she might not have the qualifications, she might still be really smart, and a really smart PM would know that if she doesn't have the necessary knowledge herself she can put people around her who can help her move the country in the right direction.

However, if she is like all her predecessors, she will most likely surround herself only with people who tell her what she wants to hear. She will most likely surround herself with her brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles, or cousins and friends.

Regarding the subject of fear. Being afraid is part of life. Surmounting your fear and doing the right thing is never easy but always feels better than hiding in the shadows.

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