haiti with order

Bigcoulou - January 2 2007, 2:25 AM

what haiti need is a dictator for the people thats leaving in it hey this is 2007 an lets be real with our self think about it since the depart of jeanclaude duvalier where have haiti went i can answer that is no where and it will stay like that till the end of time look at port au prince with people that come there with 100dollars and live in the capital so how do you expect them to leave with alot of a..kicking lets all of us haitian rise for the reture of jeanclaude duvalier to his country and lets see how great our beautiful haiti will be

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Jolibois Selondieu says...

You can ask Jean-Claude Duvalier to return to Haiti anytime, since he does not need a visa, article 41 of the... more »