Kalalou, I find it interesting that you have taken this...

Linda - August 14 2008, 9:21 PM

Kalalou, I find it interesting that you have taken this constitution issue so personally...very interesting indeed (Did I hit a nerve because you are an American pretending to be Haitian).

Your hostile response to my mild comments about the constitution, and not to the other blogger who stated that there were at least 200 different Haitian constitutions, tells me that you are probably that individual who keeps changing names to try and get me off the blog--because somehow my words scare you.

You claim that I made a statement without knowing my facts (of course you said it in a nasty way, but who cares, I don't know you and don't care about you and your nasty ways).

However, your statement that the Haitian constitution was never changed shows your lack of knowledge about Haitian history.

So, I must respond to your stupid accusation if I am to clear things up for the other bloggers (otherwise I would just ignore you).

You've done this before too; accuse other people of not knowing what they are talking about when the fact is that it is you who knows nothing about the issues.

I always think that only a person who is truly devious and dishonest tries to hide their ignorance behind insults.

Now, regarding the constitution: I will give an example of US influence on it to our bloggers.

I seem to constantly have to debunk your lies (so annoying).

In 1915, when US Navy/Marines invaded Haiti, the constitution was changed by the Haitian elites and their US allies to benefit only them and the US. H. Davis in his book Black Democracy: The Story of Haiti, wrote that the Haitian constitution was so impacted by American hands that many say it was "written entirely by the then young Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Franklin Delano Roosevelt."

Another author writes about the constitution, "in 1918, six (Haitian) university professors were dismissed because they had voted against the American-made constitution." (Logan, 450).

That new Haitian-American constitution granted, for he first time in Haitian history, land-ownership rights to foreigners.

It is only after those changes were made to the constitution that foreigners could own land in our country.

It is also after those changes to the constitution that we started seen the creation of such companies as HASCO (Haitian American Sugar...) which needed huge amounts of land. These companies forced or cheated the peasants of their land; this in turn started the displacement of Haitian peasants from the rural areas.

It is immediately after the displacement of our peasants, because of the change in our constitution, that we witnessed our first displaced peasants moving to the DR.

You really should not pretend to know things that you obviously know nothing about.

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