un probeme de leadership en haiti

Hugues Sanon - August 16 2008, 4:32 AM

In Haiti there is a problem of leadership.

No one can really define exactly his duty and power.

The duty of the president is confound with the duty of the prime minister.

Everyone is his own boss. That is why our justice is upside- down.

Over one year there is a fight between Claudy Gassant and Mario Andrelsol about who has more power in Haiti.

It is all about power and women, but not protecting the people of Haiti.

when there is no leaders there are more kidnappings, more crimes and more grangous.

now claudy gassant is no more do you think that things are going to be better?

I don't think so.

since there is a confusion about the duty of the commissaire du gouvernement and le chef de la police.

I Hugues Sanon send you this list which has the duties and powers of both Claudy Gassant and Mario Andresol.

please if anyone has more information about the duties and powers of claudy gassant and mario andresol send it to us.

"The duties of Claudy Gasant shall be the legal adviser of the State officers, except as otherwise provided by this Constitution, and shall perform such other duties as provided by law."
• Prosecutes and defends civil litigation
• Prosecutes certain violations of criminal law, including all juvenile criminal cases, traffic infractions, and adult misdemeanor cases, and defending appeals of these matters
• Enforces consumer protection laws when there is a pattern of abuse
• Conducts or assists with criminal investigations involving government fraud, recouping monies
• Represents the locality in child abuse and neglect cases and represents victims of intra-family domestic violence by obtaining civil protection orders and prosecuting related contempt of court matters in the Superior Court
• Provides legal advice and opinions
• Drafts and reviews proposed legislation and rulemakings
• Prosecutes all civil commitment matters in the Superior Court
• Prosecute corporations which act illegally.

• (c) making decision regarding the closing of a criminal case;

• (d) filing appeal against acquittal under the Code of Criminal Procedure to the Supreme Court, if it is considered
• appropriate to do so against an acquittal order passed by the Court;

• (e) calling for necessary orders, decisions, directives, activities, proceedings and other documents from the relevant Government departments and organizations if it is necessary to scrutinize legal matters;

• (f) giving consent in writing under the Code of Civil Procedure in order to institute a suit regarding public charities.

• Mario Andresol shall is the police chief in Haiti and
•: The Police Chief is the commanding officer of
• the Police Force.

Incumbent is responsible to the local governing body for the execution of all
• laws, rules, and regulations of the department, which includes the apprehension of violators, the
• protection of the citizens and the maintenance of high standards of efficiency within the department.

Incumbent must be able to and must maintain the ability to carry a firearm.

• Supervision is exercised over subordinate police officers in the department.

• Issues working orders for the department;
• Organizes the force into units to handle different kinds of work and assigns officers to posts;
• Reviews reports and activities of officers;
• Takes disciplinary action where necessary in accordance with the provisions of the civil service law;
• Organizes and administers a training program in police methods and procedures for recruits and regular officers of the department;
• Supervises the activities of the police force at all serious fires or disorders;
• Prepares or directs the preparation of oral and written reports;
• Cooperates with other law enforcement agencies and the public;
• Directs the investigation of major criminal offenses;
• Recommends the purchase of necessary supplies and equipment;
• Delivers talks on safety and other law enforcement problems;
• Keeps abreast of the latest developments in modern police methods
• May use computer applications such as spreadsheets, word processing, calendar, e-mail and
• database software in performing work assignments

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