Kiki's statement is first racist (even if Kiki is black) than...

Linda - August 16 2008, 3:42 PM

Kiki's statement is first racist (even if Kiki is black) than shows a serious lack of knowledge of the global world, including Africa.

There are several countries in Africa today which are doing far better than the US, either politically or economically.

However, people who live in the US and only watch their TV's will never know this.

Some examples (only some) of countries in Africa doing well:

Global Insight, the world's leading company for economic and financial analysis and forecasting, announced that Nigeria's Sovereign Wealth Funds is the fastest growing one in the world, with China's being the largest.


Global Insight, also reports that Seychelles and Mauritius have had European standards infrastructures and economies for decades.

It stated: Following a more 'Asian road' to wealth, Seychellois governments have mostly been authoritarian, but puts great weight on education and social services.

Seychelles is within the world's top-50 nations.

Equatorial Guinea is the third-largest oil producer in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Forestry, farming, and fishing are also major components of its GDP. It's per capita GDP is the ninth highest in the world, with an annual growth rate (from 1975-2002) of 2.8% and a real GDP growth rate of 9.1% for 2007. [How's that growth rate thing going with the US?

Isn't it something like 2.2percent, but when you subtract US debts, it comes to something like -7percent.

Let's see, according to the CIA's World Fact Book: for 2007, the US GDP was $13.84 trillion, now subtract the external debt $12.25 trillion, plus (+) the public debt, which is 60. 8percent of its GDP ($8.41472 trillion), you get a total debt of $20.66472.

Hence the US growth is -7percent.

So, maybe we should be sending our people to places in Africa; they would be so much better of there than they would be in the US.]

Botswana and Namibia have provided their citizens with higher living standards, better education and and ex health care than most affluent western countries.

Since the early 1990s, Botswana has achieved purchase power that is comparable to Eastern Europe and Russia.

The literacy rate is at over 81 percent and school enrollment stands at more than 70 percent.

Without the effects of AIDS, Botswana would be among the world's top-30 nations.

Namibia would not be far thereafter.

(See: Global Insight, World Fact Book. Also, world fact links).

UN's HD researchers, covering well over 200 countries, stated that more than 12 African countries score higher in the rule of law and in control of corruption than many industrialized countries.

The article states that the best and most impressive example of this is Cape Verde.

Without natural resources, underdeveloped by its backward Portuguese colonial masters right up to 1975, Cape Verde is today one of Africa's richest and most developed nation.

2008, in the Ivory Coast there was a riot in April when the government increased the price of diesel.

In response, the Ivorian government announced that it will slash the salaries of Ministers by half to subsidize the lower cost of diesel for the masses.

[This while our government keeps doing nothing about our fuel prices.] Cote d'Ivoire has an outstanding infrastructure.

There is an excellent network of more than 8,000 miles of paved roads; good telecommunications services, including a public data communications network, cellular phones, and Internet access.

There are two active ports.

Abidjan is the most modern in West Africa.

Rail links from the port north into Burkina Faso are being upgraded.

There is regular air service within the region and to and from Europe and modern real estate developments for commercial, industrial, retail, and residential use. Abidjan remains one of the most modern and livable cities in the world.

Cote d'Ivoire produces 40percent of the world's cocoa crop and is a major exporter of bananas, coffee, cotton, palm oil, pineapples, rubber, tropical wood products, and tuna. In 2002, this country underwent some temporary political difficulties (exploited by US media), which is now behind it. The World Bank announced in April 2008 that Cote d'Ivoire had paid fully its arrears, and its GDP growth reached 1. 7percent in 2007. [So, how's the US doing with its debt to china?

US Public debt $9 trillion (2007).

US current account, -$738.6 billion (2007 est. US crime rate]

The FBI files show that between 2000-2004 there were 619,453 serious acts of violence that occurred in US schools.

181,468 arrest had to be made in the schools.

Yes indeed my brothers and sisters, head for Africa.


Il faut rapatrier tous les haitiens en Afrique

Puisque nous sommes incapables de nous comporter comme toutes les nations modernes en nous dirigeant nous-meme selon...

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