Linda, I agree with everything you just said 250%. You once...

Tiba - August 18 2008, 6:10 PM


I agree with everything you just said 250%.

You once again echoeing what I have been saying long before Jesus Christ came. I go to Haiti pretty often and I know what it's like to get the stare, the insult, and the disdain look on Haitian faces crowded at the airport to witness the arrival of diaspora.

Those Haitians at the custom treat you even worst if you are a naturalized.

They refer to you as traitors, They hate your guts.

Haitian in Haiti are so ingolfed with hatred and disgust for diaspora, they cannot realize that they dispora is what keeps them alive.

They cannot understand that Haiti is a welfare state and that 85% of them are being taking cared of by us, the diaspora.

This is to proove to you how deranged, intelligently bankrupt these people are.

They fail to realize if the diaspora would boycott the transfer of money to Haiti, they all would starve to death, and if the diaspora would stop traveling to Haiti for a month, not only all those in custom would lose their job, but Haiti's economy would colapse in the blank of an eye.

Having acknowledge all of that, nevertheless, I still have a problem with Haitians going all around the world cleaning up everybody garbage while Haiti is filled with pile of garbage.

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