The Real Reas Why Haiti is in Turmoil

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Some say that blacks cannot govern themselves.

Some say that blacks lack discipline to bring order to a country.

Some say that Haiti will never look as good as the Cayman Islands.

Is this true or are there powers that are trying to make Haiti look bad to prove that blacks cannot govern themselves.

The following article written by Stan Goff describes why Haiti is in such a mess and why it would be very difficult to get the country to look good. Stan Goff, Master Sergeant, U.S. Army Special Forces (Retired) is author of Hideous Dream: A Soldier's Memoir of the U.S. Invasion of Haiti.

Stan Goff exposes the underlying forces driving the current crisis in Haiti.

The recent Aristide coup d'etat is only the latest in two centuries of violent transfers of power in that country.

Haiti was founded in 1804 after a roundly successful slave revolution.

Aristide is Haiti's first democratically elected President.

Just before his kidnapping at gunpoint, he had moved to double the Haitian minimum wage. And the prospect of a dignified, self-governing Haiti free from the depredations of U.S. economic warfare and CIA intervention is intolerable to the heroes of American exceptionalism.

Neoconservative ideologues, Jesse Helms-style Southern racists, Miami exilios and organized crime players, intelligence men embarrassed by even a whisper of successful populism - these are the planners of the coup and the cover-up. Many learned their trade in the Iran-Contra period, or have mentors who did; the pattern hasn't changed.

Just as Nicaraguan self-determination seemed to threatened the whole universe during the Reagan administration, from the perspective of Washington and Langley a strong Haiti - under an electorally legitimate Black president with a mandate and regional allies - would surely bring the Earth crashing into the Sun.

Since 1804, after France recognized Haiti as being independent.

Especially France and the United States vowed that they will use Haiti as an example that blacks cannot govern themselves.

This is the theory of divide and conquer.

Chronic chaos to a small country like Haiti would ensure that it will never progress.

But is Haiti doomed?

Or, can it be changed for the better?

Are Haitians in government smart enough to rise above all negativism and make a Haiti a great country?

What can be done?

Read the following article if you understand some of the causes of why Haiti is in turmoil:

Greg Peters, August 19 2008, 4:11 PM

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