Sanon, It is clear to me that those morons do not read nor...

Tiba - August 25 2008, 5:14 PM


It is clear to me that those morons do not read nor understand the content constituiton.

No wonder why we, Haitians, are in such mess. This is prove without a doubt the level of Preval's incompetence and mediocrity.

Preval has the responsiblity to make sure that country operate in accordance to the constitution, but doesn't seem he understands the consitution.

Both Preval and the woman should say to these parliament members it is NOT their jobs, if fact, they have no say in deciding the formation of the government according to the constitution, it is the job of the president in concert with the prime minister.

Haiti has been without a functioning government for months now, and no one knows for how long it will remain as such.

Also, the number 4 of the Article 157 is a flagrant insult and humiliation to the Haitian people, and must be taken out now. No constitution should require the citizens to be either homeowner or be a professional in order to hold the post of prime minister.

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