Linda, Very good observation! I did not want to say it, but...

Tiba - September 1 2008, 3:59 PM


Very good observation! I did not want to say it, but you're right, there are many people on the blog who are struggling with their reading skills and English comprehension.

And to be honest with you, even the cave man can understand very easily what you said about the most incompetent and mediocre president of all time, Preval.

While you are calling to drag Preval out of office legally perhaps through the mean of impeachment, I, on the other hand, am calling to BBQ him crispy through the use of "Pere Lebrun."

You are being too nice to a useless president like Preval.

Preval and all of his buffoon are a bunch of traitors, sellouts, house-salves who need to be dealt with accordingly.

Traison is and has always been a violation of the constitution punishable to death.

I agree with you 100% on Preval health problem.

Who cares whether Preval is sick and dying?

Preval should have known that he had prostate cancer and should have stayed away from politics and not running for president.

Let assume he did not know he had prostate cancer, and became aware of it after taken office, if his illness makes it difficult for him to govern and run the country, he then need to resign right now, tout de suite, sur-le-champs, and let someone else take over.

Haitians and Haiti cannot wait and see if Preval will be cleared of his prostate cancer, which might take forever of never, in the meantime what should we do?

Anyone Preval surragates who is trying to silence you, tell them to stick it!

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I seem to be online with a bunch of people who cannot...


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