I can never understand Haitian's logic to change. The more...

Tiba - September 21 2008, 4:06 PM

I can never understand Haitian's logic to change.

The more Haitians want change, the more they want things to stay the same. All change comes with sacrifices, pain and confusion, it is part of life.

As I see the solution to Haiti's ecological environtment, providing "kerosene stove" as an alternative is the only durable and viable strategic solution that makes perfect sense.

I know the government was planing to buy wood from the American master to distribute to the public after hurrican Jeanne, and I think that was the dumbmest nonsense plan that I have ever heard in my life.

Everybody seems to be complaining about the price of kerosene, claiming it's too expensive as if kerosene will be the newest comodity to Haitian's life. Haitians have been buying and using kerosene since I can remember.

The only difference this time, in addition to using it in "lamp tet gridap" to light up their homes, they will be using it to prepare meals, cook food with it instead of charcoal (charbon).

Let's say they currently buying a galon of kerosene 150 gourdes at whole sale, they will still buying it for the same price to use it in the stoves.

I know those stoves, I am very familiar with them because I have used them for a very longtime before.

There are the stoves the entire caribbean nations use and that is why their ecological environment looks so green, and they are therefore better protected against natural desasters than Haiti.

Regardless of the number of burners, these stoves can only use one galon of kerosene at the time and it last awhole week where they have to buy the charcoal (charbon) every day.

We, Haitians, always want everything for nothing.

We have got to stop looking at the price of something, but rather the end result.

For example, wou would find 8 people in the diaspora living in a 2 bedrooms apartment and share the $600 monthly rent between them. Having this many people living in a 2 bedrooms apartment is against the law at least in New York state.

I have witnessed one time a Haitian who went to the post office and was trying to bargain over the 34 cent stamp the government charges.

Haitians are so cheap, they always want everything for nothing and proud to live the life of begger and homelessness in order to save money.

This is the 21st century people, change does come with a tag price which include money and sacrifice.

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