Haiti is a bottomless pit

Sebastian - September 25 2008, 6:36 PM

Some of us might achieve greatness but over all we will always be in the bottom

Haitians are full of self hatred.

They should realize that they suffer from a disease and find a cure. Because of slavery Haitians went from being preys to becoming vicious predators.

Violence and killing are part of their DNA. Only then they can learn to control their instincts.

Haitians are blinded by a stupid pride>They always say that they are son of Louverture and Dessalines, the first black republic!).

Come on! the world is crying for Haiti when they see it on TV! There is nothing to brag about!

Haitian need to stop picking losers for leaders.

Return the power to the educated ones! Next time they are voting, they need to chose somebody that lived abroad and many times felt embarrassed to say they were Haitians.

They need to stay away from the ones who think Haiti is the greatest country on earth as they can not begin to imagine what needs to be done!

Haitians need to stop talking nonsense.

18 millions healthy arms sitting, waiting when there is land, seeds and shovels need to get to work so Haiti can feed its Children!

If Haitians do not accept the truth and fix it.200 years from now our great grand children will still be talking about Haiti's despair.

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Rubens Titus says...

This is nothing but ad hominen fallacies. The educated ones have been in control most of the time in Haitian History... more »

Linda says...

When Haiti was ruled by those from the more educated classes it was never in the condition that it is today. That does... more »

Rubens Titus says...

Linda, I would disagree with you. Think of Haiti as a straight line with a negative slope: the past years will always... more »

Sebastian says...

Duvalier did not ruin Haiti. He had to have the tonton Macout to keep people in line. Education is key and 90% of... more »

Linda says...

Rubens, you and I never agree on much. National evolution is never a linear line; it is always about ups and downs... more »

Rubens Titus says...

Yes, National evolution has ups and downs true however the linear line is the average of the ups and downs. Even with... more »