No Tiba, I'm not psychic, maybe just an analytical thinker...

Linda - September 26 2008, 9:19 AM

No Tiba, I'm not psychic, maybe just an analytical thinker.

The US in its whole entire history has never done anything for a country without that country paying an extremely hard price for it. When they secretly build that huge embassy, those major roads (like the one in Plaine), those big hospitals, I knew something was up. When you put all that together with the fact that the Haitian government has done everything to make the people of Haiti feel so hungry and desperate that they will accept anything that is given to them, and the fact that they've done everything to keep the diaspora out (intelligent Haitians), add all that to the fact that America has been the most destructive Western power in history, than you can analytically deduct that the US generosity is not part of a nice plan to do anything good for Haiti, but instead to rob Haiti in a major way. They have been quietly moving in for the past few years, mostly in the form of missionaries so as to not raise the alarm.

Why do you think so many rental properties are full in Haiti, and so many more are being built.

Most of the people who stayed in Haiti and who form the modern Haitian people are too uneducated to get what's going on. The US never pays restoration, those who think that actually don't know their history.

Tiba, I actually don't think that its sad that the Haitian government is taking the money.

What is sad is that the members of this government are too stupid and greedy to negotiate the best deal for Haiti.

So, lets say hypothetically that the US knows that Haiti really does have oil, a competent government could negotiate with the US to the benefit of the Haitian people.

Have you seen any sign that this Haitian government cares about the people or is able to make competent decisions that would benefit Haiti.

I don't think so, we are therefore screwed.

But, since the 90% of the Haitian population that's left in Haiti is too ignorant to know anything about their own history and culture, or US history, being taken over by the US is going to seem like a blessing to them.

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Linda, I think your psychic intuitions were right...


US government sets up fund to create jobs in Haiti

Haitian Americans who have long dreamed of creating jobs in Haiti, but lacked the capital, can now get a little help...

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you made a good point Linda.

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