I like you linda because you are smart. Very few Haitians...

Rintintin - October 1 2008, 8:27 AM

I like you linda because you are smart.

Very few Haitians understand that only the diaspora can change Haiti for the better if they can get together and unite for the good of the country.

Preval and his western masters are doing everything to prevent that.

Where do you think this endless "insecurity" comes from?

kidnappings, murders, home invasions are nothing but some of the tools used by the government and his masters to scare the diaspora into staying away from Haiti.

The president said recently at the United Nations that foreign aid has never helped a country to get out of poverty.Yet he is still begging his masters for every dime he can get.

After more than three years in power, why didn't he initiate a law to allow Haitians living abroad to get dual citizenship as they have been demanding for a long time?

It's clear that this joker is acting against the interests of the people.

We should all unite to get rid of him and take back our country.


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