Hi, Linda! Although the idea that we discussed before is...

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Hi, Linda!
Although the idea that we discussed before is excellent, there are many points that need to be discussed before.

Some people are rightly concerned that the government and even the elites might not be too enthusiastic about a massive return of the haitian diaspora.

Others mention the language and cultural barriers between the different groups of the haitian diaspora.

These are valid points and there are more that need to be debated.

I was thinking about this for a long time along with a variant of that idea.
It is clear that the current haitian government doesn't represent the haitian people, much less the haitian diaspora.The minister of haitians living abroad is a joke.What does that clown has ever done?

We, Haitians of the diaspora, could create a government in exile.

Our mission would be to defend and protect the interests of the entire haitian people(both abroad and in Haiti).

This should have been the role of the haitian government but we all know that they are not doing their jobs.Therefore, as a group of concerned citizens, we would accomplish what the government failed to do or compelled them to do it.
Then again it all starts with the idea of uniting ourselves to force the government to make changes.

It might be the only way for us to go forward.

Rintintin, October 2 2008, 8:13 AM

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Linda, 2-Oct-08 8:02 am
Hi,Linda! Although the idea that we discussed before is excellent, there are many points that need to be discussed... read more >
Rintintin, 2-Oct-08 8:13 am
Linda and the rest of you guys, this idea sounds like a coup d’etat against Haiti. Such as the one before. Haiti and... read more >
Diasporas Coup D Tat, 2-Oct-08 9:27 am
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Tiba, 2-Oct-08 5:21 pm
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