Rintintin Creating a government in exile would be a good idea...

Tiba - October 2 2008, 5:21 PM


Creating a government in exile would be a good idea except doing so would be a great violation of the US soveignty.

It would be a flagrant violation of US laws and constitution to create a government in exile on his teritory.

It cannot happen and will never happen.

Let assume we are allowed to create a government in US how will it function, do you really think this so-called government will have any say on Haiti's affairs?

Any people who want to bring change in their country must be on the ground in order to be successful.

And that's how it works, no other way.

If we, Haitians, want to change our country, we have to be in Haiti to do it, and not by creating a government in exile crap. The world will really laugh at us then.

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