wycleff jean will honored at the first haitian-eme

Hugues Sanon - October 4 2008, 10:38 AM

wycleff jeam is scheduled to be honored at the first haitian-american congress and convention saturday the 11 and sunday october the 12 at the sheraton hotel in newark airport.

the obama and mcain are scheduled also to speak.

they will be a delegation coming from haiti.

included president preval, the prime minister, 5 others ministers, mayors, etc. basic registration for the 3 day is $100 plus an optional $250 for those who want to attend the formal saturday evening gala dinner and fundraiser.

contact; Zaida Torres at 973-3710089

any media who plan to come contact hugues Sanon at 973-5178566

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Diaspora For Change says...

Mr. Hugues, Thank you for the invitation but if there such a Haitian-american congress here in the US. Who are they... more »

Tiba says...

There is always a catch in everything Haitians do. It starts as an honorary night for Wycliff Jean, but it will turn... more »

Tiba says...

I think that so-called Haitian-Amrican Congress has been in existence since Duvalier (Papa Doc). This is a social club... more »