Bigcoulou, Are you familiar with what's called "punctuation?...

Tiba - October 11 2008, 3:02 PM


Are you familiar with what's called "punctuation?" If you do, use it next time. By the way, all people's names start always with an uper case. According to writing rules, it is insulting, lack of respect, or simply lack of education to write a person's name with a low case.

For example, in the name of Mary, the first letter "M" must be uper case, or like we call it in francophone education system "lettre majiscule" and not "mary" with low case or lettre miniscule.


gone for ever

haiti is gone for ever the way it was it would never be the same look back when the duvalier ran the country how good...

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I did"nt have time to do that i believe you need more...

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