Oh shut up already! Given the facts of history and present...

Will Rosenberg - October 12 2008, 11:16 PM

Oh shut up already! Given the facts of history and present time, religion is and has only been known to bring division to people than it reunites them. So, take your church ideas and and get the hell off this blog as far and as fast as possible.

With so many Haitian churches we have in New York and around the globe being built with new new HD flat screens demanding the members to contribute money for new ones each Sundays, how many of them actually are going to Haiti and give back as much as they rake in?

I want you all to even do your own research on the given contents from those video clips down bellow.

People call them speculation, stipulation or conspiracy if you may or whatever you will, but please do take a look at these following video clips:








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