Wilgeens, You your self need to give your heart to Jesus...

Duvalier Need2 Repent - October 13 2008, 4:25 AM


You your self need to give your heart to Jesus before it is too late. Time is all you've got and time is short as blink of an eye.

Your comments are it self divisive without the religion.

So trust me hell is wide open for the rebellious souls.

God Loves you and Jesus is ready to receive you with open arms like the songs said Just as I am.

Your madness showed me that God's truth is working in you. Wil, if you have the will to surrender your sins; God the father is just to forgives you.

As a man of God I am asking Go to deal with your continence in every aspects of your life until you surrender to him as your Lord and Savior because I believe he desire to use you and your talent for the glory of his kingdom.


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