Duvalier, We all know that religion in this 21st century is...

Tiba - October 13 2008, 6:27 AM


We all know that religion in this 21st century is BIG business.

A bunch of impresionators trying to get rich quick and famous on the back of the weak.

Do you really think those of us capable to do critical thinking on this blog will ever fall for your scamish proposition?

Duvalier, I told you already what to do as far as the bible is concerned, but you keep ignoring the word of God. The bible teaches us NOT to ever use the name of God in vain. Haven't you learned anything from so-called preachers like: Jim and Tammy Fae Baker, Jimmy Swagert, and many others who fall from grace for using the name of God in vain?

Do you really want us on this blog to make you rich and famous?

Are there enough morons on this blog who would really fall for that?

Please help us!

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