let's not and pretend we did

Linda - October 13 2008, 9:18 AM

Let's understand something you white racist hypocrite.

Your kind has always used people of color for their own selfish purpose.

These days you invade Haiti like bee swarms because that is what you get paid for. Most of you never even finished high school, but in Haiti you get to feel like you're superior because the Haitian people who are left there now have no pride and no dignity.

By the way, don't even try your slick snake like sweetness here; "I love you Linda or Tiba." I see right through it. That's kind of slick approach might work on people who are desperate for love, but I have absolutely no desperate desires; I am well loved by many; and your serpent like approach can't work on me. And hey, guess what?

I remember well how Satan destroyed paradise; he was slick and sweet just like you. You see, snake, I know my bible stories the same way you do.

I noticed that you tried to sneak another lie in here...you religious fanatic freaks are really good at that--lies and snake-like behavior.

So for those bloggers who didn't pick up on the lie that you try to sneak by them, let me show them how sneaky you really are. DID YOU GUYS NOTICE THAT HE SLYLY TRY TO SAY THAT I SAID I DIDN'T BELIEVE IN GOD?

Your game is real slick; if you say I don't believe in God, than that would explain why I can't stand people like you. Well, you lying snake, I do believe in God. I am a very spiritual person.

What I did say is that I don't believe in snake oil poisons like you. YOU REPRESENT PERFECT EVIL. You and your kind have spread your racist poison all over the world, and when you are done with Haiti, most Haitians with any pride wont even want to spit on it. But than again, that's exactly what you're hoping for; isn't it?


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