What are you talking about?lots of gibberish.what is your...

Audie B - October 14 2008, 11:28 PM

what are you talking about?lots of gibberish.what is your point.you are being the proverbial ostrich?hiding your head in the sand.wake up ! haiti is dying.and do you know whose at fault?the haitian politicians are at fault.many of those guys and gals are smart people, so you think they "should know better, right?"it is always easier to blame someone else don't you think so. haitians have been blaming othe nations since the birth of the republic, this blaming game has not change.

genarally speaking haitians politicians are illogical.it's proven time again and again.compromise?

make a deal, lets meet each other half way. those words are none exitent in these politicians lexicon.i'll give you a brief example.the political stale mate that is goin on right now in the haitian legislature.not the president, not the prime minister, not the leader of the senate nor the chamber of the deputy can rally a sizable group of the legislature to pass legislations that can move the country out of this "fail state"that haiti has find her self in.why do you think that is.i have a preety good idea the reasons but i want to see what other people out there are thinking.why am i the only one to say that i am ashamed of what is going on in haiti.


Long live Haiti

Long live Haiti! Haiti shall live and not die and Haiti shall come back with pride and honor. Pour le pays, pour les...

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