Dear linda get real.this is what year?2008 right?what ever...

Audie B - October 15 2008, 12:17 AM

dear linda get real.this is what year?2008 right?what ever happen two hundred plus years ago is history.our people have been fighting and killing each other since that revolution started.

think about it?

1804 the french left, after their departure brothers turn against have haitians who have been as bad as the slave owners.

i will call a short list briefly:the duvaliers, the fraph, military junta ect enough said .let me pause you a simple question.

do you think it matters if i get killed by bus or died of a heart attack?either way i"m dead. haitians stop killing each other briefly during the first american intervention.the fighting and senseless killing were a direct cause of the intervention.the politicians of the time did not seize the moment to make deep cultural changes in the haitian land scape.

so linda ask some one who is a restavek what they think about the ancestors fighting for their freedom in 1800. i wonder what they would say. they work these poor little kids to exaustion .its a damn shame.why do we do that to our own people, or anyone for that fact.are they any different from your kids, my nephews, my nieces?i'm disturbed by the inhumanity of people.can any one out there have a half way intelligent conversation?we have so much to write about and argue respuctuflly about that is more substantive than what i've read so far.lets agree to desagree.

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