Who in their right mind would suggest that duvalier fils...

Audie B - October 15 2008, 5:29 AM

who in their right mind would suggest that duvalier fils return to haiti.

a lunatic would.

duvalier needs to stay away as far from haiti as possible.

having this man in haiti would only plunge haiti into more chaos.

which would divert attention away from more urgent agenda that the governement must deal with like:provide potable water, provide a functioning public health, built the infrastructure i.e. roads, the ports and most important af all is to build from the ground up a functioning judiciary apparatus to deal with the rampant impunity and flourishing corruption, that is killing the haitian people at large.

no one in haiti is safe from these issues.

think about it. in the absence of those three important things there can really be no development .haiti will be for ever be the pathetic begger of the hemisphere.

guess who will be blamed?the french, the american, the dominican.

every one else or better yet any country will be blame instead of the real culpirts.the politicians blame others because they know that is the easy street, truthly it is nothing but blatant demagogery.

it would be nice to have one of these men like a president who would tell you the truth.lets be logical.who syphoned time after time moneys donated to haiti by the international community .one more recent example goes as follows:the international community pledge over $3 billion for the1997-1999 period part of this fund was cancelled because the government back away from their promise to privatize those non performing industries another time the fractious lavalas party splintered in parliament they not could nor reach a compromise to govern.how could this happen when the party occupies over 75% of the seat in the assembly.its a damn shame.

theprime minister resign consequentely haiti was left without a functioning government.the fund was blocked.

while these gentlemen were grand standing notwanting to reach a compromise the people were in misery, suffering again while crime became rampant.who is at fault?

the foreigners right?people wake up!the haitian rulers will blame anyone but themselves for their misrules, duvaliers or aristides their all the same.


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