Audi/Duvalier same difference

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I've stated that Audi is Duvalier, but maybe Audi is just a white guy who simply can't stand the fact that I think most white trash are racist.

Audi seems to fall under that category, and so he took personal offense at the fact that I said that I slapped one of his boys who was bad mouthing my country.

Well Audi, that's just too bad. Live with it. There was a time that none of you white trash could go to Haiti and pretend to be something you're not. Haiti had people who could tell the difference.

And regarding your other post, that Haiti is in this mess because of Haitians; you ignorant white fools, who know absolutely nothing about my country except what you've seen since you invaded it like swarms these past years, should really go get some knowledge by reading.

A bunch of know nothings who act like they have a clue...

Now I will wait for your attack.

Feel free to use any name you want in your effort to shout your anger.

Linda, October 15 2008, 12:17 PM

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