Ronald Guillaume, I'm confused by your reply; were you...

Linda - October 15 2008, 3:17 PM

Ronald Guillaume, I'm confused by your reply; were you responding to me or someone else?

Did you already post Aristides accomplishments, and I somehow missed them?

Did someone else list them?

Your response said nothing about Aristides accomplishments as far as the infrastructure of our nation.

I did notice that your post said something about the literacy rate. Where you trying to say that your guy improved the literacy rate...your post wasn't clear.

If that's what you were saying, the facts don't back you up; the literacy rate in Haiti is 52.9%.

That's more than half the population.

I don't think that's an accomplishment; do you?

I'm still open to suggestions on Aristide, but you have to do better than that.

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