I just wish Haitians could stop banging on a dead horses. As...

Tiba - October 16 2008, 6:37 AM

I just wish Haitians could stop banging on a dead horses.

As far as the world is concerned Aristide doesn't exist anymore, why can't Haitians come to the grip with that and move on?

Popularity doesn't make you a great leader, a great president, or a great anything, accomplishment gives you that title, and Aristide doesn't have any record of accomplishment to prove that. It is true Haitians loved him then and still love him today, but Haitians need to ask themselves what exactly they got from Aristide for loving him so much. Aristide's great speeches don't match his actions for Haiti and for Haitian people.

Aristide was nothing more then an incompetent and mediocre who had use Haitian people to make himself rich. No one, up till this day, can tell me and tell to world how many jobs Aristide had created in Haiti.

What infrustractures he had built, and what he did exactly to better Haiti's economy, etc...

Now, you hear a bunch of brain freezed Haitian talking about Aristide's literacy accomplishment, are you kidding me?

People, understand that building a little house with 2 or 3 rooms in it in the name of school doesn't translate into literacy, anybody can do that. I can do that, and I am not Aristide and I am not president of Haiti, go figure.

Give me some factual statistics about Aristide literacy plan. Oh, sorry! my bad! did he have a literacy plan?

If so, what was it?

How many people was the targeted to teach how to read and write in 3 months, 6 months, or in one year, etc...

How much money was allocated for the literacy program?

For example, Aristide built a two story house with 6 or 8 room in it, and they call it a college, right?

What these brain dead people don't tell you is that Aristide never furnished the so-called college, no desks, no seats, no erasers, no pencils, no papers, and no staff to run the so-called college.

The local residents had to do that with the very little they had, but they weren't able to keep going due to lack of resources.

I heard stories about someone asking Aristide for a job, and Aristide gave him a little note and sent the guy to somebody as if for that somebody to hire the guy regardless of the guy's qualification, skills, experience, and knowledge, and this is what these morons called "job creation." You people really make me sick of your ignorance and supidity, seriously.

Aristide was nothing but an opportunist who had preyed on the weakness of Haitians for his personal benefits and he did it without a conscience or rumors.

Let be known that I supported Aristide because he the choice of the majority of Haitians and wanted to respect and honor their choice.

I must admit that I supported him also because he had given me the impression that he was really on the side of Haiti and the Haitian people, but it did not take me long to realize that he was a fake.

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