Dessalines' assasination viewpoints. Remember

Rubens Titus - October 17 2008, 3:36 PM

Hi, fellow compatriotes and all, we all know the story.

Now let us know what we were never told. That guy that chose to die with Dessalines that fateful 17th of October in 1806 was a mulato.

Dessalines offered one of his many illegitimate daughters to Petion for marriage as a reconciliatory gesture.

There was some bad blood between those two after the 1800 black versus mulato civil war. As we dig deeper into Dessalines' character we realize he never had an issue with the mulato as long as the mulato was a patriot, not a traitor.

As a ruthless commander, a brillant military strategist, Dessalines was not a visionay or a cunning politician; he made a historical blunder by surrendering Port-au-Prince to the mulato Petion and established the new nation's capital at Marchand.

Dessalines did not hate whites contrary to what we were mistakenly told. He certainly had no affinity for cynical french.

Dessalines made the Polander white mecernaries and the German settlers Haitian citizen in 1805. Further more, the constitutional band on white ownership of property applied only to returning whites not those that are allowed to stay in Haiti after 1804; and the band did not affect in any form the white women.

Go figure.

Learn your history, it helps.

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