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Honorable Mrs Pierre Louis

I was so glad to known God gave you his hands to lead Haiti and So happy to know that you pulled up your sleeves to start to work right away. I thank-you. Continue to do as you are doing one thing at the time and you will get the work done. Be Careful there are some pirates watching to ..., some pretenders and even some fake good samaritains coming your way but never let your Lord behind keep him in front of you always and he will see you through.

I Congratulate you once more. and May God continue to guide you.You can check out my web now still construction may-be there be some useful ideas.

for more lite on any subject do not hesitate to drop me a note or a call 347-424-2259 Haiti is our mother and we must all give a hnad somehow, somewhere.

Respectfully Yours

Mme Colette Jacques
cjstyle47 at

Colette Jacques, October 20 2008, 4:25 PM

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Cadetto, 7-Nov-08 6:59 am
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