Do you want Haitians to keep exposing the object poverty of...

Tiba - October 28 2008, 6:16 AM

Do you want Haitians to keep exposing the object poverty of their country in your magazine?

Please don't come out swinging at me and all offended by my question.

Last time I checked, that was all all news outlets, reporters, magazines, newspapers, commentators, opinion, etc. etc...were interested to get about Haiti.

Cite Soleil was and is still their focal point of interest as they call it "The worst slum of the world."

Funny enough, none of these news outlets was interested in exposing the cruel, inhuman, and racist US policy against Haiti that contributes so much to the present state of Haiti.

None of the media outlets was interested nor is interested to expose to the world the contribution of the Haitian people made to this country in 1776 by helping US to get its indepepndence from England.

The participation of Haitian that led to the purchase of Louisiana, and Haitians being the first founders of Chicago, etc....

oh, one other important think, the life journey of Freddrick Douglas in Haiti.

Well, on a more personal side, if you want me to give you an interview that'll be fine, but first, I want you to write your first article about "Why African American (men/women) are not too fond of Haitans?"


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