Hhhmmm!leave you with that. Wicked humans used race, sex...

Free4ever - November 6 2008, 9:40 AM

hhhmmm!leave you with that. Wicked humans used race, sex, religion, money discrimination to divide stupid people so they can reign.

If you were really smart, you will understand Obama message more. I like Obama, because he's a very smart man, and he does in touch with the reality of the world that we are living in. You contradicted yourself a bit, because if I remember right Obama's speech, he said that Michelle is his rock. Do you know Michelle is 100% blacks slaves ancestors?

if Obama got a complex of black inferiority like you, he will never married Michelle...

think about it Mullato! we are all equal and different in our way and it only takes smart and good people to understand that point.

Sorry mullatto to break that to you. You are a human like everybody else.Your racist and criminal time is over! a haitian 100% black ancestor is Canada governor general.


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What exactly do you think Obama is? Do you think that...



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