Haitians always try hard to prove the level of their education...

Tiba - November 9 2008, 8:37 AM

Haitians always try hard to prove the level of their education and it doesn't matter if they are being redundant.

Who cares about the technicality of the diferences existing between "Double Nationality & Double Citizenship?" Did Preval ask to amend the translation of double nationality and double citizenship?


He called on the government to amend the consitution in order to accept/honor/and to welcome those Haitians who are naturilized of a different country to also keep their Haitian nationality/citizenship and consequently allowing them the rights to participate in the government and in the internal affairs of their native country if they so choose to.

I know there are a lot of airheads brain dead Haitians who have profound hatred for those who chose to naturalize and as a consequence want absolutely to keep those naturalized Haitians out of Haiti as a way of revenge and ponishment, unfortunately, those anti-naturalisation groups fail to realize that those Haitians are the financial backbone of Haiti.

Without the hard earned dollars of those naturalized Haitians, Haiti would have been in the waste basket a longtime ago.

You love getting our trillion of dollars annually but you don't want us play any role or take any part in the country that we are supporting.

This is a taxation without representation.

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