Yes, you bet I took offense to your response because, in my...

Tiba - November 9 2008, 1:14 PM

Yes, you bet I took offense to your response because, in my opinion, the explaination between double nationality and double citizenship you have given is not relevant.

We, Haitians, are very good in avoiding talking about the merit and the importance of issues we're faced with by using distracting arguments.

Can we just learn to stay in message for once?

Like many of us on this blog, I am also a college educated and we know the difference between the 2, and there is no difference.

I am extremely offended and disgusted with Haitians vowing to keep denying me and many others our rights as Haitians.

The entire Haitian diaspora was born in Haiti, and that makes us all Haitians native natal.

Circumstances forced us all out of our country that we still love and willing to die for. We came to a foreign land and for whatever reasons, we were somewhat obliged to change our nationality/citizenship status.

At the time we changed our nationality/citizenship status, we were forced to reject our haitian nationality/citizenship rights because "Haiti's Constipation" says NO to keep our Haitian identity.

That part of Haiti's constipation was put there maliciously and puposely to keep Haitian diaspora away from Haiti and most importantly from playing any role and taking any part in the government and the internal affairs of their country.

That part of the so-called constitution is a guarantee to everyone in the government to stay in their posts forever, and because of that Haitian's political landscape becomes a recycling program.

These are the same old tired runed down brain dead people who keep getting elected to public office over and over again.

Their job is so safe that they don't really have to do anything to make life better for the Haitian people and move the country forward.

They are afraid of loosing their governmental post to educated diaspora.

But what these dumb moronics fail to understand is that NOT all of us in the diaspora interested in politics.

We want to have the rights to at least vote for a candidate of our choice in election times and get involved in the internal affairs of our country.

What is so bad with that?

Every year we, in the diaspora, pouring $1.5 trillion into the economy of Haiti while we are being the rights to participate in the internal affairs of our country.

Is there a country on the planet that would give $1.5 trillion to Haiti every year without some strings attached to it?

Why taking us for granted then?

Why are we being pimped by the Haitian government by accepting our money with a big smile while denying us our rights as Haitians.

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I am sorry man if you took offense in my response to...


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