Hello Sister! I can see where you are coming from although I...

Colette Jacques - November 10 2008, 4:21 AM

Hello Sister!

I can see where you are coming from although I may not agree with you. Everyone know that one must plan for what ever they are about to do. I agree, but if you do not have any idea as far how it is going to take place well until you get in the door you can't plan in advance.

Let's say someone is going to buy a house in auction.

Well it is a bid. Fine he win and he has the house because he had the appropriate sum of money if he is looky.

After getting the house he could enter the house or turn around and sell it right away only if the house is in good condition..

But if when he enters the house he found there is a lot of repairs to be done then he can't stay at the house nor sell it right away.the house is still his but he can brag out it only those who see he made an ffrot to get at least a home will encourage him to fix well and that take a little time. Otherwise if he face criticism only he might just resell it and even then the repairs must be done or he simply has to give it up. What about the contract he made to the investment from the bank or other money he borrowed the interest, the headhacke that can bring if he is not focus it is not easy to just walk into something and start doing things like you would like.

I understand you are frustrated like many of us because we all love our country so dearly, but sometimes better not rush and accomplish something good than regretting something not well done.

Look what happened to the school in Haiti right now. Let's not be emotional but let's look at it in an angle of true reality.

It is an unfornunate thing that so many children had to loose their lifes like this but the thruth is: Is Mrs Pierre Louis responsible for that?

i do not thing so but in charge it is her responsibility to conduct a countrywide inspection of all schools that an other incident like ever happen.

She did the right thing to arrest the owner but not only the owner should get jailed everyone involved like the contractors ect.

Haiti actually has so much to be done it is not funny.

Before one cooks he must clean the kitchen before an after.

otherwise no one will come back to eat at his place again.

As women I am sure you are living an other world were we have a strong voice but it is impotant that we support one another to establish this strong chain to go forward.This is the angle I was looking at Mrs the PM so that a little of encouragement at time of effort should be given to her an I am sure that will let her see that there are some people that are looking at the little she does to push her to do greater things.

I am sure if she did not love her country like we do she would not accept to take the job she was doing well I suppose.and if she did not give a damm so be it she would say. A little respect for one an other is always great for the prestige and the progress of human kind. Beleive me I have been there I know. Only those who truly care about Haiti will take a look at it. I thing you for your strong voice because that shows you care. Must importantly We can't give up we must continue to voice our opinions until someone hears.

Haiti must become the Haiti of the old tmes where we all use to be so proud of the country.

Play together, watch out for one another ect.

With people like you, Mrs Pierre Louis and many others I a sure the day will come for the greatest re-union.

Suggest what you things would be good and if she does not pay attention then there is a problem.Your voice is trong so keep it up! Talk to you soon.

I remain

Colette Jacques

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