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Linda - November 10 2008, 11:20 AM

Debunking the amount of lack of knowledge displayed in this Lionne post would take me several hours, and I refuse to spend that much time on it. However, for the other bloggers who are unfamiliar with some the term "parvenu," I will take the time to correct this blogger's wrong definition and also address a few other insane statements from that post.

Let me first put light on one plebian thought from the blogger who said that "parvenu" refers to people who "are at least succeeding."

Anyone who knows the true meaning of the word "parvenu" knows that it does not simply refer to people who have succeeded.

Anyone who knows Haiti's history knows that some of that nation's most brilliant intellectuals came from the lower income classes (which at the time had both light skin and dark skin Haitians).

High intellect makes everyone desirable, so most upper social milieus in Haiti welcomed people who had lower social beginings but who had developed their intellects.

So, intellectuals from poor social backgrounds were never considered parvenus.

A parvenu is an individual who has risen up in society only financially, but maintained a gutter rat intellectual level.

A parvenu's education consist of just getting whatever information they needed to graduate and make money, but they never really bother to educate their minds beyond that point.

They tend to talk a lot about things they know nothing about, and they tend to discriminate more than the true elite class ever does. Hence, a parvenu is a gutter rat with money--and they come in all shades.

The second point that I will take up is the idea that faith has anything to do with success.

This blogger argued that "(faith) the belief in God (not voudou,) is the path taken to a significant life." Only a person who has not done much reading and has a very narrow mind, says something that makes so little sense.

As most people who have blogged here with me know, I am a Catholic, and I went to Catholic schools most of my life. So, I am not defending Voudou, just like I would not defend any other religion because I think they are all just ways to control people.

However, because I take the time to really study things before I opened my mouth and make stupid claims, I know that Voudou is like every other stupid religion; its followers believe in God. They actually believe in the same god that all other religions believe in. Different religions just have different names for that god, but actually people who believe in Voudou have the same name for him as Catholics, and they believe it is the same god. People who believe in Voudou also have lesser gods called loa, but so do the Catholics--all those angels and saints are types of gods.

But the whole argument here is stupid.

The blogger said that it is because of a lack of faith in God that Haitians are doomed.

Well, China has forbidden religion since the birth of communism in the 1950s, so they have no religious faith whatsoever.

Yet, today, they are doing better than most other countries, including the US. So stop the ignorance.

The blogger said that being poor is genetic.

The stupidity of that statement is so far out-there that I can't bring myself to answer it. And as this statement alone is enough to show anyone how truly ignorant the blogger is, I need not answer anymore of the insane statements from this post, which is full of statements that show that the blogger has no real knowledge or understanding of history--or for that matter genetics.

As I said before, this blogger might take the advice of a great thinker who once said that "it is better to stay silent and appear the fool than to open ones mouth and prove it."



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