Hello Sister! First of all, let me just say that running a...

Linda - November 10 2008, 11:47 AM

Hello Sister!

First of all, let me just say that running a country is not buying a house.

When you buy a house the only thing that you put at risk is you and your immediate family.

When you are asked to run a country, you are in effect being asked to put your life at the service of a whole nation, and every decision you make affects all individuals in that nation.

If one does not know what that involves and how to handle it, one should have the decency to be honest and say that they cannot take the job.

Second, if I were to buy a house, whether it be through a bid at an auction or any other way, I would inspect the house to know what its main problems are (all auction companies let you do a day before or early morning inspection).

During this inspection one might not find out what the small hidden problems are, but one gets a clear picture of the big problems; for example if the roof has a big hole in it; if the house is full of rats, if the floor is flooded, etc. If a person buys a house like that without knowing how they will tackle at least the big problems, than the person is a complete idiot.

And let me again reiterate that buying a house is a private venture, deciding that you qualify to run a country and to take the lives of all its citizens into your own hands knowing that you are not qualified to do so is irresponsible and even criminal.

Making excuses for someone who is that selfish and thoughtless would also be irresponsible and stupid.

Mrs Pierre Louis is not responsible for what happened to that school.

How she handles the situation will be interesting to watch.

As I said, I am still watching to see what she does. I have not yet passed judgment on her; I wait to see.

As for criticizing her, it is my job as a good citizen to criticize the failure of our leaders.

It is a spineless citizen who stands by while the government kills its people; whether it be killing them with guns or with starvation.

Lastly, "respect" is earned.


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