Colette Jacques, I have never seen anyone so disconnected with...

Tiba - November 10 2008, 11:53 AM

Colette Jacques,

I have never seen anyone so disconnected with reality as you are. You really don't have a clue nor any concept on how governments operate.

Forming a government is NOT like buying a house as you want to illustrate it, Your metaphor is flawed one.

Wherever you are living in the world, I want you to follow the new president-elect Obama very closely and learn something.

He is not waiting after he took office on January 20 to start forming his government nor to find out what kind of presidential orders he is going to use once he takes office.

Man Jacques, since you don't seem to have the understanding how government operates, leran this to start with. When a new government is about to take office like Obama and like it was for Michelle Pierre-Louis, in case of Michelle Pierre-Louis, once she was ratified and accepted as prime minister of Haiti, the very first thing she should have done was to start forming her government.

She should have had a complete government to start working for the people from day one. She did not do that.

Once her government was formed (before taking office), she should have had meeting with her people (advisor(s), cabinet members) to go through a list of programs/issues to find out where and how she will have to use her executive orders/decrets presidentielles, Once she took office she should have used decret decrets presidential or her executive orders to bring some changes.

For example, she should have brought prices down of basic/first necessities such as: rice, beans, cornmeal, banane, oil, etc...

through "decrets presidentielles" etc..

It took her almost 4 months to form a government and she is still doesn't have a complete functioning government till this day. This is the extreme proof of her incompetence and mediocrity.

Lastly, I just found out the other day that she is sick and out of the country for treatment.

What is this?

Competence and mediocrity have no boundries and no limit.

She knew she had an health problem long before she got picked as prime minister, why didn't she turn her nomination down?

It's beyong me!

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