Thanks Linda for your reply, You see I agree partly with you...

Colette Jacques - November 12 2008, 2:55 AM

Thanks Linda for your reply,

You see I agree partly with you again.

Sometimes peole who make mistake in life are not necessarely "Idiot" for that. Yes people should be honest when getting involved in whatever venture they are about to take. But sometimes the truth are hidden and it is until they surface that everyone is dummed.

As far as buying a house most of the times an inpection is done, I agree.

But again many people get fouled by inspectors.

It takes special knowledge to make sure that almost everything is allright when bying a house I agree again with you. Sometimes there is "camouflage" things appeared to be ok and is it not. Again buying a house is not like leading a country I agree with you again.

But if one is not able to detect a good investment from a bad one that could bring desaster would you think?

That is why is it important to have experience in life to know how to make the right decisions at the right time. You see I learned to be very careful in my judgement concerning others because I have seen so many so called "experts" that caused so many damages to our country.

So many Tecnocrates who were only des "technocretins".

Nevertheless, not everyone is the same I am certain you know that. If we judge everyone without letting them show the level of competence then we will never get anywhere.

I see in you a very educated person.

That does not describe your thinking nor your heart for so many people are experts in saying one thing and do and other.

So far I will say if a person is needed to express views on paper or verbally I am sure, you are qualified no flattery I say It as a fact.

There are some pople so called "Intellectuels "in the diapora that can not do what you are doing now to say the least.

But they are giving the ultimate respect because they the sons/daughters of some great name in Haiti or they claimed they have the heaviest diplomas.they can't express themselves to represent at any functions It is ashame but people refer to them with great respect.they have everyone fooling people and "Roi pa bope yo".

As long as someone can read, write, speak, and most of all care. that's a step in the right direction to do good in Haiti actually.

Anyone who back up easily when facing challenges and can't handle pressure can't do anything for the country, because if you are not part of the crowd you would not succeed.


There is a "mafia group" who gets it all and for a long time now. Sereously this must change! Like you I am waiting to see what is the next step in prevention such accident from happening ever again.

Yes It is Ok to be critical of others otherwise "Bagail la pa tap gi sel" but remember there are some people that need some encouragement.

I beleive.

and one must give a chance to any new comer to see how things are being handled.

It is custum to do that in any institution public or private.

It is like any new medicine to cure sometimes it take a little time. so again let's observe very close the actions of the new PM and let's not say silent when it is appropriate and let bring on the table possive criticism for better results.

I am sure she will grateful for that. haiti is for all of us we must stay alert.

By the way, better bying a house with a hole in the roof than bying one with a plumbing block problem.

So the first thing to chek in a house is the water flow. to flush the bathroom and check all water flow to test the water pressure and see how the water flow in the entire house.

I was referring to a close Bid a good deal that one can't pass and most of the time they are "as is" and people sometime take chances.

and there is not an expection.

A bid is a competition for something one wants.

Becoming the head of the country is always a surprise for no one knows what they are getting into until they get there; but with experience in magement and willingness to do if you care you will make a difference.

I strongly beleive that. That is the reason why I am hoping that Mrs Pierre Louis does at least "one great thing" before she leaves power.

Exemple: Francois Duvalier who left Haiti a great Airport even they changed its name but it is one thing that will last a little more longer.

Thanks to God they did not destroy it.

My sister Linda, I thank you and I am sure thre will be some more exchange that we will do for the good of the country we both love so much.HAITI


Colette Jacques

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