I'm not your classmate RPT

Robert P. Toussaint - January 13 2007, 1:56 AM

Wow!!! Guys, what's going on?

You're acting like kids This is not the kind of attitude we would like to see here. Joe. try to translate what you said in creole, and you'll see the lack of charity that you showed.

I don't speak good english ether, because I didn't have the opportunity to go the University here also. That doesn't mine that I'm not an educated man.I'm an accountant and computer programmer things that I had learned at home 20years ago. When I came over with my wife and 3 kids, I had to fight to feed them and Make sure that they will get a good education.

There wasn't no time to go to school.

What I had learned is already there and I'm, what I'm. So, Joe I think the brother was right, you need to grow up and think differently.

Can you speak french?

My is good.

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