Wyclef Jean For President

Woody - November 16 2008, 1:03 AM

Have you guys given any thought about Wyclef Jean as the Next president of Haiti?

Have you seen his "If I was President" Video?

I saw that billboard in there, blue and red with an American flag!

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Here is the Wyclef Jean "If I was President" video.

Is Wyclef a US Citizen?

Can he run for President of Haiti?

Would he be a good leader?

Could we use him to promote Haiti?

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Tiba says...

I wanna know something about Wyclef Jean's name, and would like some help solving the mistery. Is the name "Wyclef... more »

Sebastian says...

I love Wyclef. He loves his country dearly.He at least knows that things re bad in Haiti and need to change. He... more »