Eric, I think who ever gave you that idea was on some powerful...

Tiba - November 16 2008, 9:44 AM


I think who ever gave you that idea was on some powerful sh8t. I am calling on everybody Not to give another dime to the greedy, money hungry Haitian government regardless the cause the money is dedicated for.

Oh, Eric, why would the Haitian government undertake a reforestation of the Island of Haiti, which is composed of Dominican Republic & Ropublic of Haiti instead of Haiti.

Dominican Republic is very green, and Haiti is the part with the problem.

Furthermore, the government cannot, should not, will not, and must not force anyone to buy a tree that the government had allowed its people to destroy for the past decades.

There will be no solution to this chronic deforestation problem in Haiti until the incompetent and mediocre government offers an alternative to the people, plain and simple.

Even the cave man knows that and understands it very well except Preval and his brain dead cronies.

Once again, the people don't cut the trees down because they are dumb and stupid, or because they want to. They, too, understand the importance of the trees.

They cut down the trees because that is the only form of combustible there is in Haiti to cook and prepare meals.

Back in stone age, the cave man was using charcoal and dry branches to cook and prepare meals, and here we are in the 21st century, Haitians are still using that same premitive technology in their homes.

Eric, you need to demand Preval to offer another alternative to charcoal to the Haitian people if he really want to solve the deforestation problem in Haiti.

Without that, we would plant a tree today only to let it grow back just enough to cut it down again and make charcoal once again.

Charcoal, charcoal, and more charcoal in Haiti till the end of time.


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