Yes, Yes; Yes it is common sense: No arguments about that. But...

Roy Barrett - November 17 2008, 9:46 AM

Yes, Yes ; Yes it is common sense: No arguments about that.

But the real Challenge is to help the so called Government get the injections of sense.

This Government even if you have rebels ready to invade the Country he will not be able to come up with any sense.

Man kind really can proove themselves Lower then Primitive, in a century where people are going to the moon, searching for cure's.

We can't even control or maintains our grass to stay green;not to mention our most Famine nations in the Caraibes.

That should push any Man with dignity to do better for his people and for himself as a citizen of such nations.

Helas, It's a pity from the amount of Money I kept hearing Haiti will Owe's by 2020. We are Dumned by the Internationals to be slave using those great politicians to do so.


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