So Mr. Llod, you think making English the official spoken...

Tiba - November 17 2008, 10:46 AM

So Mr. Llod, you think making English the official spoken language of Haiti that will solve the problems?

Last time I checked Haiti was a multi-language spoken country just like in States United.

I have seen quite a bit numbers of people calling to have Haiti becomes a US territory for some time now. However, they never gave reasons and the benefits that such dominance will be good for Haiti.

If US is the number one country on the planet advocating to keep Haiti in poverty, chaos, havoc, mahem, misery, conflects, and sufferings, why would anyone want Haiti to become a US territory?

What would anyone think US would do with Haiti, a country with no natural resources that US wants?

If Iraq, which has all the natural resources that US cannot live without, hasn't become a US territory, it is naive and unintouched for anyone to think that US would want to take over Haiti.

If Haiti had something the great importance that US needed that bad, Haiti would have been officially occupied decades ago.

The language spoken in Haiti is not the cause of Haiti's problems, nor violence, or corruption, or vodoo, but the incompetence, the mediocrity, and the lack of know-how to do of the so-called government/leaders of Haiti.

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