Epithets for Preva! Blogger lacked Imagination!!

La Lionne - November 17 2008, 1:44 PM

You lacked imagination my friend: here are some epithets for Preval:
lack intelligence, lack good judgment, downright dumb
lack the power of normal reasoning, and normal speech(cannot speak standard French) Preval is full of presumption, full of excessive pride, full of wanton violence, full of insolence, addicted to vice, grossly immoral, depraved, profligate, dull-witted, readily disposed to evil, a vicious criminal (detonated a bomb in Petion Ville market that hurt a lot of people in 1990's) reprehensible, a vicious liar, full of deception, spiteful, malicious, vicious gossip, unpleasantly severe, characterized by faults, character defect, faulty, mentally unsound, a savage, full of bad habits, a male whore, a moral imbecile, out of touch the common Haitians who need jobs, health care, education, food on the table, sanitation, security.

Preval is cruel, selfish, with fierce disposition (toward the opposition, as if they do not have the right to exist) Preval is archaic, morbid, foul, disgusting, ashameless mendicant, thoroughly dissolute, recklessly extravagant, stupid, profligate lier, lack integrity, lack character Preval is a foul sorry excuse for a human being.


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hi president kaka

kolanget manmanw pou payi a ou kraze ya. djol santi

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